The UGP series underground cable pullers are hydraulic powered using twin planetary gear boxes driving multi-grooved bull wheels. The unique design of these machines enable use of both wire and synthetic ropes. The heavy duty hydraulic powered storage drum leveling system eliminates jamming or damage from defective wire ropes. The larger 12" diameter multi-groove wheels lowers bending stresses that occur with smaller diameter wheels. High capacity storage drums enable very long pulls when required.

Twin Grooved Capstan Underground Pullers


 Maximum Continuous Line Pull/Speed

 Mule Tape Puller

 1000 LBS @ 1


 6,000 lb @ 80 FPM


 8000 lb @ 80 FPM


 10,000 lb @ 100 FPM


 45,000 lb @ 40 FPM
Rim Drive Pullers


Line Pull / Reel Capacity


 6000/12,000 LB /90 x 60 x 9000 LB.Static