UGP-8 Underground Cable Puller

The UGP-8 is designed to provide more flexibility of use. The large cable storage drum can quickly be changed to enable
use of different size ofwire or synthetic ropes. The large 12" diameter grooved wheels place less stress on ropes.
A two speed range selector in the final drive system.
When blowing or pulling out with mule tape the demand payout system automatically deploys line with 5 lb. applied force .
When pulling in, a pressure control adjustment limits maximum pull to required limit.
The hydraulic actuated boom positions sheave head for pulling out of vaults and risers.
A universal swivel sheave allows pulling 180 degrees from rear of trailer.
A hand held pendant control allows the operator to position himself for best visibility and safety.
The UGP-8 is available as a skid mount or with trailer. Trailer has room to mount optional air compressor on front.
Line Pull/Speed: Low range: 8,000 lb/ 120 fpm High range: 3,500 lb / 220 fpm
Bullwheels: 12" diameter x 6 groove.
Cable Leveling: Automatic hydraulic powered for positve control.
Engine: 33 hp water cooled diesel.
Hydraulics: Open loop load sense system with high capacity oil cooling.
Length 11’ 6" Width 84" Height 82" Weight 4,100 lb.
*Available for rent