Pole Mount Reels:
Used to pay out pilot ropes on distribution line construction. Reels can be clamped to power pole at heights to
prevent vandalism or theft of the pilot rope. Reels can used with the clamp on power spindle or take up shaft on line truck.
The 1000 lb line pull rating allows the pilot system to pull lighter conductors directly. A powered trailer system is avalable to carry
four spools and provide power and leveling system for pulling operations. The trailer is equipped with either the PP-11 or PP-25 power
packs depending on speed and power requirements.
Four individual colors of rope for easy phase identification.
Friction drag brake on pay out spindles hold back tension enabling pulling out by hand or tow vehicle.
Spring loaded locking pin securely locks reel for catch off.
Easily clamped to any diameter pole using 10,000 lb rated nylon web load binders.
Line pulls up to 1000 lb directly onto reel..
Equipment Specs.
Maximum Rated Line pull at Rim: 1000 lb.
Rope capacity each drum: 7500 ft 3/8" synthetic rope. (Larger size reels available to 10,000 ft capacity)