URT-31-3RC Three Reel Conductor Stringing and Underground Cabling Trailer
Designed for both underground cabling and overhead tension stringing.
Reel loading is quick and simple with no close tolerance mechanisms to align.
Polymer bearings eliminates greasy spindles and parts to handle.
Heavy duty axles and tires along with reinforced fully welded tublar frame for rugged off road conditions.
12,000 lb. capacity jacks with spring retract drop leg quickly level and stabilize trailer on uneven terrrain.
Heavy duty 16" dia. ventilated tensioning brakes.
Fold out rear gantry for attachment of sheaves.
Available with power feed and hold back to eliminate manpower.
(Power feed off substantially lowers pulling tensions while hold back prevents cable from dropping into vault.
To adapt for overhead tensioning an optional reel tensioning pull out rack for the neutral is available.
Maximum Reel Capacities: (3) Reels @ 90" diameter x 60" Wide x 8500 lb.
Trailer Dimensions: Length: 26" 4" Width: 96" Height: 62" Empty Wt: 5200 lb. GVWR: 31,000 lb.