URT-23-3RC Underground Cabling Trailer
Powered underground cable pay off trailer allows one person to feed three cable reels into undergound vault. Load holding
valves in drive systems manitains positive control in both directions. Power feed of cable greatly reduces pulling force required
by elimination of inertia of heavy reels and friction feeding into ducts. Power wind back retrieves excess cable.
Enhances safety and reduces extra manpower standing by to push feed cable reels. Trailer equipped with PP-25 Power Pack
Joy stick and pressure controls at rear of trailer for optimum opertor positioning.
Reel loading is quick and simple with no close tolerance engagement mechanisms to align.
Polymer spindle bearings eliminate need to grease spindle bearings causing messy part to handle.
12,000 lb. capacity jacks with spring retract drop leg quickly level and stabilize trailer on uneven terrrain.
Fold out rear gantry to position three conductor sheaves.
Hydraulic load holding valves on reel drives
(Power feed of cable into duct substantially lowers pulling tensions on underground cables).
Maximum Reel Capacities: (3) @ 90" diameter and 60" wide x 6000 lb. ea.
Trailer Frame: Fully welded all 1/4" wall tubular steel.
Trailer Dimensions: Length: 26" 4" Width: 96" Height: 62" Empty Wt: 4200 lb. GVWR: 23,000 lb.
Trailer Axles/ Suspension: Tandem 10,000 lb with springs and equalizers.
Tires: Four 235-85R-175H-G rated at 6005 each.
Trailering brakes: 12 Volt Electric (Optional air with ABS)
HydraulicPower Drive: PP-25 Power Pack with variable pressure control and load sensing.
Reel spindle torque: 1300 lb/ft.