RD-6/12 Reel Trailer
Gas Engine Powered Hydraulic Reel Loading with Rim Dual Rim Drive
Adjustable lift arms are designed for varing diameter reels to keep lower center of gravity. Pulling forces of 6000 lb. can be achieved using
a large diameter split reel with the 2 roller drive system and 12,000 lbs with 4 roller drive system.
The pressure feed system maintains a constant force on the rubber faced rollers against the reel rims in proportion to pulling forces required.
Torsion arms on each drive enable rollers to track uneven and bent rims to prevent excess slippage and wear. With lighter roller contact forces wood reels can also be used with out danger of crushing. Design enables change out of worn rollers in just minutes.
The smooth towing torsion axle eliminates the shock loads inherent with rigid axle trailer designs.
Reel Capacity: 90 diameter x 60 wide.x 6200 lb.
Stabilizers: Crank type front with two drop legs on rear.
Tow Hitch: 3" Pintle eye with 3 position height adjustments.
Axle: 7000 Lb. torsion type Trailer brakes: Electric. Tires: 8 hole 16 inch with 3750 lb. capacity each.
Dimensions: Length: 12’ 10" Width: 96" Height:56" at spindle center.
Empty Weight: 2300 LB GVWR. 8500 LB.