The V groove puller - tensioner is designed for replacing conductors using the old conductor as the pulling line. The large diameter wheel with the V groove design enables sleeves, mesh grips etc to pass easily. Rubber tire rollers placed around perimeter of wheel prevent conductor from escaping from wheel if a slack condition should occur. The hydraulic arm leveling system distributes old conductor evenly on take up reels. The twin hydrostatic power systems maintain a constant pulling tension with snooth starting and stopping to prevent shock loads. This machine can also be used for long distance pulls using a high capacity rope storage drum. Less pulling force is required on take up reels than with other machines with this type pulling wheel thus enabling use of wood reels also.
Performance Specs.
Continuous Line Pull and Tension: 6,000 lb. @ 4 mph. Minimum Tension: 400 lb.
Maximum Conductor Reel Capacity: 96 x 68 x 20,000 lb.
Equipment Specs.
Engine: 86 HP water cooled diesel engine
V wheel diameter: 66" with replaceable bolt in EPDM rubber lining..
Dimensions: L 19 ft. W 96" H 98" Weight: 9,670 LB
Optional hydraulic reel loading arms available.