Single Drum Puller / Tensioners

The DPT Drum Puller / Tensioners feature advanced design hydrostatic power systems for optimum performance. Highly effiicient power systems translate engine power into line pull cpability while providing precision control response. Line Pull Limiting feature quickly stops the puller if a traveler jams or the tensioner is suddenly stopped. A quick change reel feature is available on models through the DPT-240. Conductor reels or split reels can be loaded easily into these machines. DPT-300 through DPT-480 are fixed drum designs.

DPT Drum Puller / Tensioners


 Full Drum Line pull/Maximum Synthetic Rope Capacity

 Maximum Conductor Reel Size and Weight Capacity


 2,500 lb. wit

 48" Dia. x 44" Wide x 4,000 LB


 3,000 lb.

 78" Dia. x 56" Wide x 8,000 LB


 3,500 lb. with 9000 ft. 5/8 rope

 78" Dia. x 56" Wide x 9,000 LB


 4,500 lb. with 12,000 ft. 3/4 rope

90" Dia. x 56" Wide x 10,000 LB 


 6000 lb. with 12,000 ft. 7/8 rope

90" Dia. x 56" Wide x 10,000 LB


 7000 lb. with 12,000 ft. 7/8 rope

90" Dia. x 56" Wide x 10,000 LB
Transmission "Hard Line" Drum Pullers


 Full Drum Line Pull/Maximum Synthetic Rope or Wire Rope Capacity


 8,000 lb.with12,000 ft. 1" dia.rope or 22,000 ft.1/2" wire rope


 15,000 lb.with 14,000 ft. Synthetic Rope or 20,000 ft. 9/16 wire rope


 25,000 ft. 3/4" wire rope