Multiple Drum Water Fall Pullers and Pilot Line Winders
The 4SDP Model four drum rope pullers have several unique features. The extra wide drum with smaller diameters keeps line speed and pulling forces more constant from start to finish of the pull. The swiveling drums establishes the correct "fleet angle" allowing the ropes to spool evenly with out constant operator attention. Less wear of ropes occur since they do not pass over small diameter fair lead rollers. This feature along with four individual motor drive enable all ropes to be pulled at full tension simultaneously at reduced speed. The heavy duty 3TPL-8 is available with quick change drum feature to quickly convert machine from a wire rope puller drums to asynthetic rope puller.
Multiple Drum Pullers


 Continuous Line Pull Rating


 8000 lb


 6000 lb

 4SDP-3 &4SDP-4

 3000 lb & 4000 lb