Bull Wheel Tensioners with Friction and Hydraulic Pressure Braking

Both disc brake and hydraulic pressure relief valve controlled bull wheel equipment can used for tensioning conductors in most applications. Reduction drive brake systems used on both types of equipment allow finer adjustment and smoother tensioning than with machines that have brakes directly attached to the bull wheels. Hydraulic pressure relief valve models have additional labor saving features available such as pull back and power reeving capabilities. Hydraulic tensioning models are available 50", 54" and 61" bull wheel diameters. The HBT-50 and larger are recommended for tensioning of OPGW fiber optic cables. All bull wheel have extremely durable EPDM bolt on segmented rubber linings and large diameter nylon 66 fair lead rollers for many years of trouble free service.
Disc Brake Bull Wheel Tensioners


 Bull wheel Diameter Tensioning Capacity

 Reel Carrying Capacity


39" - 3000 lb. 



39" - 4000 lb. 

  90 x 60 x 10,000 lb.


39" - 4000 lb. 

  2,3 and 4 Reel Carrier


43" - 5000 lb. 

  90 x 60 x 14,000 lb.


54" - 5000 lb. 

  90 x 60 x 10,000 lb.

BWT-50 BWT-54 BWT-61

50", 54"and 61" x 5000 lb

 Reqiures Separate Reel Jacks
Hydraulic Bull Wheel Tensioners


39"" - 5000 lb

 84 x 54 x 9000 lb.

HBT-50 & HBT-54

50" - 5000 lb

 Uses Separate Reel Jack