Four Drum Rope Pullers
The four drum rope puller is a very efficient means of pulling conductor in tension stringing operations. All four pulling ropes are placed in travelers in trip. Each conductor phase and the neutral is then pulled in individually. (The 4TPL-5 HD Model can pull three conductors at the same time). These pullers feature high efficiency hydraulic power systems that deliver maximum pulling performance yet providing fast responsive Line Pull Limiting to prevent accidents or damage resulting from excessive pulling forces.

Four Drum Distribution Pullers (*Available for rent)


 Line Pull at Rim/Drum Rope Capacity


  3000 LB with 8000 FT 5/8" Synthetic Rope per Drum


 5000 LB with 12,000 Ft 3/4" Synthetic Rope per Drum


 5000 LB with 12,000 FT. of 3/4" Synthetic Rope per drum